How to Practise Patience in Achieving Success?

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Train to be patience - Are there any success you've achieved in your life? Are all your efforts in vain that make you stop doing business that you want to achieve? You end up desperate and do not want to try again. Do you have or are experiencing things I mentioned above? This is not uncommon and is more common in people around us, even on your own might happen? But when you stop trying, it's a bad sign for you. Stop trying not the answer to all the effort that you have done. You need a new understanding to help you in order to survive in the process of achieving your success.

What causes a person can not achieve what they want despite the hard efforts and needed to be successful? One thing for sure is the attitude of haste or impatience that they coached in their lives. They so want to see tangible results of what they have done. They do not realize that everything requires a process. Success is not like turning the palm of the hand. It takes time and patience in order to get a perfect result as desired since the beginning.

Enjoying the process is the easiest way to achieve the success that you would expect. You might ask, how can I enjoy the process? Patience is the answer. Here's what you need to know and do in yourself. Why should patience? Patience gives the understanding that anything done requires an effort and maximum effort without expecting immediate results and does not focus on the end result. This means that you are not bound by your own dreams, you take control of your dream is not a dream you are controlling yourself.

People who endure are those that are able to survive in the process. They were able to fight nature impatience innate to all human beings. They are also able to withstand the "passion" of the process. In this process many of them also get closer to God and do the best of the efforts they have done.

Success is a gift or a result of the efforts made consistently nurtured through patience. Patience is the key to everything. Patience is the key to success. Patience is the key to happiness. Patience is the core and essence of enjoying life. The question now is, how do we establish the attitude of patience to be able to enjoy the process and bring success to what you want?

Need Patience in Achieving Success?

How to Train Patience In Ourselves?

Against Nature of We As Humans are not perfect
Basically we are impatient, and it is our nature. Our nature as human beings who want to enjoy the pleasure and avoid misery, makes us always want the real result of what we do. This is evident from the children who always want to get whatever they want at that moment. Through the maturation process we learn to be more patience.

But, sometimes we get carried away by childish things that make us impatient. This is what makes us need to establish and train the patient attitudes in ourselves. Understanding this will make you more convenient form of patience in you. The more you understand our nature as humans more easily you establish patient attitude even support other behaviors in yourself.

To cultivate an attitude of patience in you, the easiest way that you can do is to increase self-awareness. Self-awareness is also multifunctional, not only to improve your patience, but it also applies to alter and change the behaviors that do not support your success. Maybe you think it is very difficult to raise awareness, but it is actually very easy. You just need to be aware of what you are doing and thinking. For example when you want to travel. Aware to lock the doors and close the gate, even the color and shape of the clothes you wear. This is one way that you can use to raise awareness within you.

You also need to remember to ask yourself "what was I thinking?" This will make the mind drift back to the body that will make you aware of yourself and what you are doing. The more your awareness increases, the easier you are to form the attitude of patience in you.

Train Tranquility
Practicing patience attitude in daily life is to train yourself to be quieter. When you feel panic or anxiety, switch your mind to be calm. Breathe deeply three times, closing his eyes and let go of all the tension inside you. This is an easy way to make yourself more at ease. This will greatly help you to do things more quietly without being haunted by a sense of rush that makes you impatient.

Delaying Response
What would you do if you are insulted by someone else? In most people would reply cursing. Who wants to be insulted when they feel no guilt, is not it? But, do you know what happens to you when you reply to curse the person? You will take the "ball" of anger and allow bad things to happen to yourself, such as poor emotional condition that makes you easily tempted to do bad things to other people.

How to exercise patience is by delaying the response to the anger and negative emotions like that come to your mind to others. When you silence without having to do and say anything bad to yourself and others, you have to learn to be more patient. In addition to exercise patience, you will also train yourself to be more calm and wise in response to everything.

Uniting Body And Mind
Many people do things in mind drift. For example, when a friend spoke, many of those who listen are busy with a smartphone or something they're thinking. Their focus was split, and in the end they did not get the message.

This attitude will make you can not enjoy the process and do not have the patience. The best way to overcome this is to unite the body and mind in one place. When your friend is talking, listen to and see the story. Give yourself completely to listen. When smartphone "call" ask permission to finish what you need to do on your smartphone. This way, you can do everything quietly without having to break the focus will be something else. In addition, your friend will not be angry and disappointed with the actions you take.

Multi-tasking nature also formed impatiently inside. Multi-tasking will trigger a person unconsciously to do everything in a hurry. To overcome this you just train yourself to do one thing at a time. For example, during lunch, enjoy your meal without having to busy thinking about deadlines that have been piling up. Feel every food you chew. Feel the food into the stomach through your throat. It will make you better enjoy what you do and unconsciously you have trained your patience.

Pause a moment Desire For Something Big
Many people stuck to perform novelty and ignore the actions they have set from the beginning that support the achievement of their success. Doing novelty is fun, especially when done with friends or doing things that have not done as watching TV and eating in large portions. But this is only temporary pleasure. Momentary pleasure can not give happiness let alone bring success to us. Only produces a greater adverse effect especially on our emotional state. Think back, when you do not do things that you've set from the beginning, your mind will be filled with things that make you feel guilty. It is certainly very draining your energy.

Your patience level is determined by how smart you delay momentary desires and pleasures that arise and focus on what supports your success. The more you can put off the desire for novelty easier your patience. This will make it easier to enjoy life. Sooner or later, success will come to you.

Focus on Current Life
Learn to live today with the release of your desire. This is in accordance with the Law of Paradoxical Intention which reads "to get something we should consciously want something and after that we remove this desire. What are the consequences if we do not let go of that desire? We would be hard to get. The more we force or eager to get what we want, we will be more difficult to achieve them.

Have you ever wanted something and make every effort to achieve it but it is very difficult to obtain them? But, when you are no longer eager to achieve it, the desires happen very easily in your life. Here, it takes patience to be submissive attitude, especially removing the desire for what is expected. When you can focus on this life, you will do everything with full of energy without the burden will be the end result of your desire. You will be easier to enjoy the process and patience in you will increase by itself.

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