11 Best Free Blog Platforms

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Best free blogging platforms - To provide services for users in using blogs, there are now many websites providers blog (blog platform) which can be obtained free of charge. Platform developer providing services such as hosting and domain for free. Given these features of the bloggers can get a free blog platform without spending a penny to have a blog, except to get more service, users can upgrade to the platform features a blog with additional charge. Services provided by a free blog provider is very satisfactory with comprehensive features and easy to use and accessible to beginners, therefore, for beginners who want to learn to make a blog is highly recommended to use a free blog services that are provided.

Blog or often called web-blog is one form of a website that contained writings (posts) are posted on the website in general. The blog can be filled with a variety of posts in accordance with the theme of the blog or even a diary. There are various websites free blog providers and the premium with the number of users of millions to hundreds of millions of users. Domain of free blog services are usually slightly longer than the paid service or Top Level Domains. If TLD usually have a .com domain, .co, .me, .info, .us, .net, etc., free blog service providers usually have a subdomain that contains the name of their website as a blogger with .blogspot.com, wordpress with .wordpress.com . Although domain affect the SEO on your page, but in fact the domain is not overly affect the position of the blog in search engines. Read also : the benefits of blogging

By having a blog will be a lot of things that can be obtained in accordance with the goals and desires of our own, whether it is just to vent and share their knowledge, and to earn money from blogs that are common and much loved by the bloggers. Therefore do not think long again to start your blogging activity, here are some web lists the best free blog provider, which you can try. Here are some free blog service and the best current version number of the blog platform users.

11 Best Free Blog Platforms

11 Best Free Blog Platforms

1. Blogger
Blogger is a free blog publishing service that created by Pyra Labs in 1999 and later acquired by Google in 2003. Blogger has many features and attractive design templates for users. Blogger is a blog service that is very popular today and is integrated directly with other Google services. Blogger is a free blog web service providers, who provide hosting and free domain, domain .blogspot.com like this blog. With a free service provided, the blogger is now the most popular free blogging service that is most widely used by bloggers. Some of the advantages bloggers besides free services, we are also given a lot of comfort in order to post articles, add widgets, to transform our blog template. Blogger itself is under the auspices of the google web corp, therefore the performance of the blog can not be doubted.

2. WordPress
Wordpress is a blogging service that you can get for free and premium. Created in 2003 and has been highly developed at this time. Wordpres have the standard template which is quite good, but can not be changed is different with Blogger template which can be replaced at any time as the user desires. If you want to get the templates and services over wordpress, we can use premium features with its own domain and other interesting services bonuses from wordpress. WordPress is a free web service that also has a lot of users like blogger, wordpress operating system different from the bloggers, who is using html and css, wordpress itself was built with PHP and MySQL data-driven. Wordpress blog activity is also fairly easy. In addition to free wordpress blog service also provides paid domain, as well as self-hosting services are satisfactory for premium blog with TLD domain.

3. Weebly
Sites that one is also a fairly large site and has many users, but its popularity among bloggers are not as good as blogger and wordpress. Weebly web services are usually more similar to social media where we are connected with other bloggers weebly account users, and the content of any weebly blog more often in the form of a personal photo, personal articles and opinion.

4. Tumblr
Tumblr is a free blog providers who may not be as popular as wordpress and blogger, because most users even more use it as a micro-blogging service personal blog as well as social media. However, this blog also has the same functions and features with another blog service providers, publish post articles and other multimedia activities.

5. Livejournal
Providers blog this one is also quite large users throughout the media and therefore, included in the category of free blog provider, even so live journal has more functions identical to weebly and tumblr compared blogger and wordpress. But the live journal is also one good blog to build a personal blog or a dummy blog, which of course free. Live Journal is a blog and social networking service created by Brad Fitzpatrik in 1999. Live journal is suitable for personal blog (online diary) and also the general blog.

6. Edublogs
Edublogs is a blogging service that is specially made for the purpose of education for students and teachers, as well as dealing with the world of education. Edublogs already used more than 2 million people since 2005.

7. My Opera
My Opera is a blog and photo services. My opera is a special blog that publishes content of photos and other articles in general. Very nice for the love collection of photographs that you want to share.

8. TypePad
TypePad is a blog site that consists of two versions, the pro version and micro version. Both versions have the difference between the capacity (storage) and features.

9. Open Diary
Open diary is a blog and an online diary which was made in 1998 by Bruce Abreson and Susan. There is now growing rapidly into an online diary community.

Blog hosting service articles, video and photograph that you can use to create a blog.

11. My Wap Blog
Mywabblog is a blog dedicated service for mobile phone users. Just like other blogs such as Blogger and Wodrpess already begun reaching mobile users

In addition to the list of best free blog providers that I have given in the article above, in fact there are many other free blogging service that has a pretty good popularity among bloggers, which is shown by many users. Other free blog providers are like webs.com, yola.com, blog.com, jimdo.com, blogsome.com and much more.

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