Is the use of corsets, safe for the body?

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Have a beautiful slender body is one of the dreams of many women. Various methods are used by many women to get a beautiful body and look slimmer, ranging from weight loss programs, daily dietary restrictions, to use the corset to form a more slender body. But the question is, whether the use of corsets safe for health? Check out the information here!

Is the use of corsets, safe for the body?

Body structure change
The use of corsets in the long term can lead to changes in the structure of the body. Excessive pressure and continuously can cause lumbar spine and hip narrowed so that the body look more curvy. However, continuous use is not recommended because it can make drastic changes to the waist.

Injure organs in the body
Various organs located in the abdominal area, the use of excessive corset can cause sores and irritation of the internal organs in the abdomen due to excessive pressure. Along with the narrowing of the waist, the organs in the body such as the lungs will also be under pressure. This course can impair your health.

Decrease appetite
Use corset is often used as a diet method that can reduce appetite effectively. Using these items can give a certain pressure on the stomach which makes the storage capacity of food in the stomach is reduced. This is very helpful to prevent overeating which became the main enemy for those who are on a diet.

The use of corsets is to beautify the appearance of women, but do not use it constantly! Wear this corset occasionally, especially when wearing clothes that can accentuate your body shape. Maximize cool hairstyle that suits appearance. So, ready to make healthy habits from now on, right?

14 Ways to Get Happier Life

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Life Happier - Getting a better life is not always difficult, and most importantly do not make it difficult. Changing lives for the better can be started with little things. Changes in life not necessarily have to come massive, right? Quite good change starts with small things but done constantly.

Many people think that change lives for the better should be done with great strides, as we know that all things are running requires a process and not a bit of time to make it work effectively, you have to do it step by step, from the smallest things in your life. If you have to walk thousands of miles away, it will be done by starting a small step to get started.

Here are 15 simple steps below to make your life better. What are the 15 steps? It's ready to listen for them?

how to make happier life

14 Ways to Get Happier Life

Solve the problem, do not avoid
Life is always full of problems, and will always be so! So if you avoid the problem, it means you're just letting the problem grow large and will be increasingly difficult to be controlled. From now stop running away from your problems, make it a habit to resolve every problem in your life before it becomes a big problem.

Do not waste your time
What do you do with your spare time? Do you use it to achieve your dreams and your goals? Or do you use it only for things that are not useful? Life happens only once and it was very worthwhile, will be very sad when you are given a lot of time but the time elapsed without any changes you can do better?

Recognizing that each case requires a process
Life is three choices, choices where you are given the opportunity to make it better, let it pass without any meaningful things, or make it worse. Like most normal people, of course we will make for a better life, right? Realize that change requires effort is very hard to achieve, and requires a process.

To change lives for the better, the first requirement is certainly willing to try. If you really want to change your life, so let's do something!

Whatever You Do, Be consistent
Do not underestimate this point! Although it looks simple, consistent sometimes not as easy as we imagine.

How many of us who have promised to go jogging every Sunday morning, but when that day comes we still slept soundly with a thick blanket? How many of us have been promised for more timely, but in reality we still late and not on time?

Yes, it is very difficult to be consistent. However you can be consistent with what you are doing, you will be easier to reach your dreams. Because you know, you would be consistent to get up and chase your dreams when you're falling.

Life is not going to run smoothly without a hitch as we imagine, there are times when you feel tired and stressed with all things in life, motivation and soothe yourself and then look for things that can bring you back eager to motivate yourself. One of the easiest things to make the spirit is to do something you love.

Be grateful
Grateful and enjoy all that you feel in this life. Definitely not all your efforts go smoothly, and when bad things happen to you, sincere and try to feel what happened to you. Understand why your efforts are not going well and take lessons from the failures.

Out of the comfort zone
How you can change your life if you do not want to face the challenge and do not want to get out of your comfort zone? Please choose to remain seated in your comfort sofa, letting everything pass or get out of your comfort zone and get the new adventures that make your life better.

Appreciate what you have
Changing lives for the better does not mean you have to condemn this difficult life. Instead you should start to appreciate what you have today, salaries, furniture, car, health, family, friends and even couples. Began to notice things around, maybe could be an idea to your success. Remember what you have now is your dream in the past.

Helping others
It never hurts to try to help the people around you who need help. Help and assist not only beneficial to the people you help, but useful as well for you. Help you become more sensitive personal and can empathize with the difficulties of others.

Trying new things
When was the last time you did something for the first time? When was the last time you challenge yourself to try things you have not tried for the first time? Challenge yourself and be prepared to be surprised by what you can do!

Traveling will give you a chance to see what you've never seen before. Not only about the beauty of nature, traveling can be showed to you about life that you would never have thought before, as well as ideas on how to change your life.

Discover the advantages and disadvantages
No one is 100 percent perfect! Rather than focusing to lament any disadvantages in yourself, it's better to focus the talent that you have. With a focus on the talent you have, you can perform with more confidence and more optimistic to change your life!

Listen to music
Take a music player and listen to all kinds of songs that can arouse passion! This is the easiest way and the most fun to change your life.

Get up earlier than usual
These are simple things but the most difficult thing to do! How many of us have often heard that wake up in the morning is good for our lives happier. That's a few small steps to change the life that you can try starting from now. Of the several steps above, which one will you do?

Dare You To Achieve Success?

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How dare you? Successful people are those who have made a brilliant plan, and once dared make it happen! Great plan will only be a shadow when you do not dare to take action. People who succeed are those who dare to dream and dare to make it happen.

A success to be achieved through hard struggle, sacrifice and appropriate action. If you make the wrong move, we are not going to get to each destination. Supposing, you have to walk to the destination you want, but you choose the wrong path, then you will not arrive at the destination of your dreams. If you want success, following the exact steps you need to do:

Looking for success

How Dare You To Achieve Success?

Could you dare to dream?
Many people who want to succeed but are afraid to dream, afraid of having the dream, afraid of setting a target, even afraid to set goals. Whatever your role or position, dare to dream for success. How will you make a plan, make a goal, if you do not have a dream. Your future is what you think of today!

Can you dare to think?
If you dare to think that you are able to reach an achievement and success, you have to really want it. Otherwise, you will not have the energy to achieve a dream. If you dare to think about what you dream, then you will have plans that are structured to achieve what you dream.

Can you dare to want something?
Once you truly want what you dare to think, make a decision that is sure to grab it. This is the starting point of your motion toward the goal that you think. If you have a desire, you will have a clear target that you can shoot with the right. How do you steer your shooting arrows, if you do not have a target that you shoot.

Can you make a plan and make decisions?
Once you have a desire or a target that you shoot, then immediately make the necessary plans to make your dreams come true. Successful people are those who dare to run a business plan is consistent and unyielding.

No business is always on top, without challenges, and obstacles. Armed with planning, people can continue to move the focus. Do not act without planning because it makes you not focus. Act suit your business plan. Make a successful plan for the short term, medium term, long term, and start immediately!

Can you make the action?
Once you have the right plan, and you have made that decision then take action you need. Each action would have obstacles, difficulties and risks. How you will get a beautiful flower on top of the cliff, if you do not dare to move, afraid to climb the steep road, through the bush, or the fear of falling.

Can you believe in and fight for what you've started?
You have the courage to act and courageous step to success, then the question is what you believe what you've started and fight for what you have done. People who have a strong belief in what they are doing, certainly has more potential to succeed than those who do not have confidence at all. If you believe wholeheartedly to run a business that you do today will lead you to success, then you will surely get there.

But of course, with only with belief will not be enough to bring success! You have to fight hard to achieve goals without fear of failure, the hard work that is required is hard work that makes people think that what you are doing "crazy" for them. Use the concept of thinking "all possible" to get to the point of the set targets.

Do not set foot you with doubt. If you believe and dare to fight, you should be able to increase your power to succeed. Try to work hard in the steps and actions, no matter how small it is. Remember that "Taking thousands of miles away, always starts from a small step to start".

7 Ways to Get Your Dream "Good Man"

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Get your man - For women who want to immediately have a lover, this time I will give you tips on how to approach the man of your dreams. Getting the ideal man is an easy thing but it is hard. Many women who believe that today's very difficult to get a good man and responsible.

Stay calm, there are several ways you can do, to get the man you want. Is actually very easy to get a man, the key is to be yourself, which personally we as women should have good personal qualities, can be socially responsible and morally. Especially if the woman has a beautiful face, body proportioned and has a beautiful personality. This is a beauty package expected by most men.

how to approach a man

7 Ways to Get Your Dream "Good Man"

Introduce Yourself Naturally
That means that when you meet a man you desire, try to be as normal as possible, do not need any behavior or act redundantly. Good men do not like women that excessive behavior, in dress, makeup, talking etc. Speak well and let it flow naturally, the conversation will be warm and pleasant.

Good communication
Chat with your dream man, the things that are interesting, it is not advisable to tell yourself excessively privacy. Chat simple things, about the activities of both of you, hobbies, pets, and other interesting small talk. A man does not love a woman who "knowingly" everything but it was only a big zero.

Being a Good Listener
It is indeed very difficult to do, because when we're busy talking sometimes we lose track of time and did not provide an opportunity for others to talk, sometimes you also have to be a good listener, in this case when a woman can be a good listener when a man tells something, then the man will feel appreciated, and men like women who are intelligent but can be a good listener.

Providing Positive Response
That is when the chat has been much progress, surely he will tell the positive and negative things that they have. When telling the negative side, respond calmly and well. And when a man is willing to talk about the negative things that exist in themselves, they are an honest man and you have to respect that. Very difficult to find someone willing to tell any shortcomings in him.

Avoid Body Odor
As beautiful as a woman's physical appearance, but when approached by a man and give unpleasant body odor, immediately the man would immediately resign thousand steps, and think twice to approach you again. Most men like women who take care of personal hygiene, clean and tidy woman who will also look attractive.

Men would really like a woman who is smart, knowledgeable in all areas of life. So when men want to talk about something, and she responds with a firm, clear and precise, then he will not feel bored.

Do all things with sincerity
Remember, men can judge the beauty of a woman is really sincere or just made up. Most men find a woman who is sincere, doing things without expecting reward. Because men assume that the woman is her soul mate, who is able to provide support, both in hard and happy. When men find women who are really sincere and well naturally, then he believes will find a healthy relationship for the future later.

11 Best Free Blog Platforms

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Best free blogging platforms - To provide services for users in using blogs, there are now many websites providers blog (blog platform) which can be obtained free of charge. Platform developer providing services such as hosting and domain for free. Given these features of the bloggers can get a free blog platform without spending a penny to have a blog, except to get more service, users can upgrade to the platform features a blog with additional charge. Services provided by a free blog provider is very satisfactory with comprehensive features and easy to use and accessible to beginners, therefore, for beginners who want to learn to make a blog is highly recommended to use a free blog services that are provided.

Blog or often called web-blog is one form of a website that contained writings (posts) are posted on the website in general. The blog can be filled with a variety of posts in accordance with the theme of the blog or even a diary. There are various websites free blog providers and the premium with the number of users of millions to hundreds of millions of users. Domain of free blog services are usually slightly longer than the paid service or Top Level Domains. If TLD usually have a .com domain, .co, .me, .info, .us, .net, etc., free blog service providers usually have a subdomain that contains the name of their website as a blogger with, wordpress with . Although domain affect the SEO on your page, but in fact the domain is not overly affect the position of the blog in search engines. Read also : the benefits of blogging

By having a blog will be a lot of things that can be obtained in accordance with the goals and desires of our own, whether it is just to vent and share their knowledge, and to earn money from blogs that are common and much loved by the bloggers. Therefore do not think long again to start your blogging activity, here are some web lists the best free blog provider, which you can try. Here are some free blog service and the best current version number of the blog platform users.

11 Best Free Blog Platforms

11 Best Free Blog Platforms

1. Blogger
Blogger is a free blog publishing service that created by Pyra Labs in 1999 and later acquired by Google in 2003. Blogger has many features and attractive design templates for users. Blogger is a blog service that is very popular today and is integrated directly with other Google services. Blogger is a free blog web service providers, who provide hosting and free domain, domain like this blog. With a free service provided, the blogger is now the most popular free blogging service that is most widely used by bloggers. Some of the advantages bloggers besides free services, we are also given a lot of comfort in order to post articles, add widgets, to transform our blog template. Blogger itself is under the auspices of the google web corp, therefore the performance of the blog can not be doubted.

2. WordPress
Wordpress is a blogging service that you can get for free and premium. Created in 2003 and has been highly developed at this time. Wordpres have the standard template which is quite good, but can not be changed is different with Blogger template which can be replaced at any time as the user desires. If you want to get the templates and services over wordpress, we can use premium features with its own domain and other interesting services bonuses from wordpress. WordPress is a free web service that also has a lot of users like blogger, wordpress operating system different from the bloggers, who is using html and css, wordpress itself was built with PHP and MySQL data-driven. Wordpress blog activity is also fairly easy. In addition to free wordpress blog service also provides paid domain, as well as self-hosting services are satisfactory for premium blog with TLD domain.

3. Weebly
Sites that one is also a fairly large site and has many users, but its popularity among bloggers are not as good as blogger and wordpress. Weebly web services are usually more similar to social media where we are connected with other bloggers weebly account users, and the content of any weebly blog more often in the form of a personal photo, personal articles and opinion.

4. Tumblr
Tumblr is a free blog providers who may not be as popular as wordpress and blogger, because most users even more use it as a micro-blogging service personal blog as well as social media. However, this blog also has the same functions and features with another blog service providers, publish post articles and other multimedia activities.

5. Livejournal
Providers blog this one is also quite large users throughout the media and therefore, included in the category of free blog provider, even so live journal has more functions identical to weebly and tumblr compared blogger and wordpress. But the live journal is also one good blog to build a personal blog or a dummy blog, which of course free. Live Journal is a blog and social networking service created by Brad Fitzpatrik in 1999. Live journal is suitable for personal blog (online diary) and also the general blog.

6. Edublogs
Edublogs is a blogging service that is specially made for the purpose of education for students and teachers, as well as dealing with the world of education. Edublogs already used more than 2 million people since 2005.

7. My Opera
My Opera is a blog and photo services. My opera is a special blog that publishes content of photos and other articles in general. Very nice for the love collection of photographs that you want to share.

8. TypePad
TypePad is a blog site that consists of two versions, the pro version and micro version. Both versions have the difference between the capacity (storage) and features.

9. Open Diary
Open diary is a blog and an online diary which was made in 1998 by Bruce Abreson and Susan. There is now growing rapidly into an online diary community.
Blog hosting service articles, video and photograph that you can use to create a blog.

11. My Wap Blog
Mywabblog is a blog dedicated service for mobile phone users. Just like other blogs such as Blogger and Wodrpess already begun reaching mobile users

In addition to the list of best free blog providers that I have given in the article above, in fact there are many other free blogging service that has a pretty good popularity among bloggers, which is shown by many users. Other free blog providers are like,,,, and much more.

Benefits Blog You Should Know

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Benefits of blog - Technological developments have made a variety of activities, be completely online. Ranging from social media networks, hunting news, look for a variety of things (music, ebook, video, images, software, etc.), until the media business, online shopping, etc. Blog or web log, in its development appears to have an important role to enliven content that can be accessed online users in cyberspace. Variety of content can be shared in cyberspace, so that anyone who is connected to the Internet, they can access and download it easily and free.

Then the most common question is, important to have a blog? By knowing the various benefits of a blog you are able to understand and describe the usefulness of a blog. That way you are able to answer whether an important thing to have a blog. Here are some of the most common benefits of blogs.

Benefits Blog You Should Know

Benefits Blog You Should Know

Self expression
Blog is a means of self-actualization, is also a means confide that we can write in a blog, also showed "emotion" and our attitude at an event or problem. We can comment on current issues and open up a dialogue / discussion with people around the world.

Personal Branding
Having a blog means to have a place to "self-promotion". You establish your self-image in a blog by writing or anything else published in the blog either of the services or products that your skills produce. On the blog you can introduce yourself to the world, who you are and what your competence.

Developing Writing skills
Benefits blogs also be a means of improving writing skills so that we can become a better writer. Do you aspire to become a famous writer? automatically with your blogging goals achieved. Due to the blog, you can learn how to become a professional writer.

Another benefit of a blog is a means of sharing knowledge, insights, experiences, and share photos, video, and audio with many people around the world. So that other people who need what they are looking for, then find your writing, they also will receive and get benefit from your blog.

Building networks
By utilizing a blog, you can use it as a means of building a network, relationships or many friends. Blogger is composed of many people, profession, age, and from all over the world who can interact at any time. Very large potential for us to expand relationships, gain new friends and new relationships especially in the same hobby or profession. From this friendship allows occurred exchange ideas, share experiences, and even potential business.

Helping others
By writing positive things in your blog, it will help others overcome the problem by providing a solution. On the blog you can write tips or knowledge in a particular field that is beneficial to others. Many people will surf the Internet when they have a problem and can not find a solution, for example, the computer hangs, how to cook a recipe, or if the pet dog suddenly ill.

Keep a note of your knowledge or experience
The benefits of the blog as well as a record of science or experience you have. Given the wide range of knowledge and experience in your brain is difficult, that's why the blog was created. Blog is a place where you can record the science, also the storage of data files, or ideas. You can write down ideas for friends, family, and many people of the world.

Online diary
Blogs can be used as an online record book that can be read everyone or only minimally as a personal diary. You can share your experiences or life journey in a blog.

Make money online
Blogs can make money and has been proven. Thousands of people have achieved financial success of their blog. In your blog can selling your products, selling ebook, promote your services, also can put ads in the empty space blog, including Google Adsense service.

How Do You Know He is Your True Love?

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How he loves you - Women often make many men sometimes confused with their behavior, because women want to always be reassured that they are loved wholeheartedly by the man they love. Right? If the slightest bit of attention from them is reduced, then the woman is sullen, troubled, jealous and things that make men more confused, because that is the nature of most women. However, not all men can show their love with a dozen roses, took a romantic dinner or other wonderful things that dream of many women. Sometimes men have their own way to show their love to you. There is still another signal that indicates that your lover really loves you. So what are the signs of it? What is the evidence that he loves you?

true love

How Do You Know He is Your True Love?

Respect you
When a man falls in love, he will honor a loved woman. He became concerned with your life, being sweet and nice, do not hesitate to give praise and remember your habits (which sometimes you do not even realize). Maybe he will protest if you wear inappropriate clothing, or your makeup too thick, but it is a sign of his concern for you.

You are always in His mind
Blessed if the man you love, often sending a picture of your favorite cartoon character or a photo of your pet dog during your lunch break, or perhaps a sudden he brought a bouquet of roses and chocolates, or he imitate words that characterizes you, or he mimics the facial expressions of your pout with a funny, or often said, such as .. "Uh, this is your favorite food right?" It is proof that you have been 'colonized' mind.

Can Compromise and Succumbing
It can make a person do things that are outside of their awareness. And that's a fact. Men who are in love will do many things to make you happy and comfortable. Most ego, stubbornness, will they reduce in order to click with you. If he desperately does not like Twilight but still accompany you watching your favourite movies, it is a form of compromise.

He touches you in Public Places
Shows that you are loved by your man, is one proof that he does not want you to glance another man, so that no other man who tempts you. So do not be surprised if he's going to hold your hand, or put his hand on your shoulder, or a bit of tidying up the mess your hair or keep going to kiss you even though many beautiful women around you. He may occasionally flirting with softly pinching your nose or cheek.

Concerned With Your Life
If he is reminded to eat on time, eat healthy fruits and so on, it is a sign he is concerned with your health. If he asks detail about what project you are working on and encourage you, it is also a concern. Some men prefer to show his love with this deed than to say "I love you," because sometimes love, more want proof than words.

He Wants You to Love Their Families
When he has introduced you to the people closest to their life, his family of course, it does not stop there. He wants you to know his mother, father, brother, and want you to treat them as your treatment on biological family. Falling in love is not just about two people, but also two families.

You are in his future story
Unlike a man giving false hope that likes to tell the future without putting you in it, the man who really fell in love will design the future and you are on it. Did he ever tell you, "If we get married, you want to how the party?" or "our first child later like me or you huh?" (even though you know it's still too far in your imagination), or "You love to cook, right? If so home we'll have to a large kitchen, there is a playground in the back .." and so on.

Arguing and Apologizes
The perfect love affair is not a smooth relationship without contention. Precisely quarrels and differences of opinion will be the medium for you and him to get to know each character, to understand each other what they want, and be the assessment of how each character in solving both problems. Men just want to apologize to the woman he loved. When he apologized and you know it is right out of the heart, it is proof that he loves you.

He was always saying that
There is no other way to express feelings of love than to say or write it in a sentence. Yup, the man who is in love will not be stingy whisper "I love you" in your ear, tucked in a written message, and so on. So believe me if he did all of the above means that he said that the actual content of his heart.